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Our Company

FlipSwitch has been providing industry-leading tech support since 2016. We offer a wide variety of high-quality IT services to businesses in various industries at an affordable price – without cutting corners.

Clients have relied on our expertise to get their small business IT support where it needs to be.

Whether you need to implement new software, develop hardened cybersecurity defenses, or build an IT infrastructure from the ground up, our services are designed to help businesses bring their operations into the future – and stay there.

We allow your team to focus on your core competencies and leave IT to the experts, eliminating single points of failure and ensuring that employees are productive and benefit from great user experiences. Lastly, working with a managed service provider allows your business to take advantage of the ideal blend of mature and emerging technologies at a lower cost than possible internally.

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Our Values

Our mission is simple: to be the most customer-focused small and medium-sized business IT support company, to build a place where customers can leverage our passion for technology to power their business.

All our professionals at FlipSwitch operate under a strict code of ethics. We don’t believe in unnecessary upselling, pushing, or influencing our clients to invest in any technology that won’t truly benefit them.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we’re only recommending and implementing the time-tested technology you need.

We strongly believe in working with companies to meet their budgets – we hate hidden fees and unexpected charges just as much as you do. All our pricing and service options are 100% upfront and transparent. Our clients know we prioritize their best interests, wishes, budgets, and success.

Our Services

Managed IT 

Transform Your Business Technology with Fast, Reliable, Managed IT Support and Services

  • PC Support

  • Server Support

  • Network Support

  • Help Desk

  • Vendor Management

IT Security

Protect Your Business with Advanced IT Security Solutions

  • Security Awarness

  • Email Security Services

  • Endpoint Security

  • User Education

Cloud Solutions

Maximize the Cloud. Reduce Your Overhead.
Simplify Your Business Operations

  • Managed Office 365

  • File Sharing Solutions

  • Azure Migrations

  • Backup Management

  • Disaster Recovery


Propel Your Business Forward with Custom-Tailored IT Consulting

  • IT Consulting

  • Office Relocation

  • New Office Design



Tel. 225-235-9795


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